Hi all. I am here to spill the beans and give you my excuse for an incomplete blog. Although I have been building my business for a little over a year now, sometimes, when you visit my website, you will see that it is incomplete. You may find an occasional link that does not hold very much information. Or maybe there is a page without any content at all. The reason you ask? I am a working mom. On top of running my virtual assistant biz I have a hubby, a home, and 3 active boys to take care of. They are 2, 8, and 13.
My excuse for an incomplete blog

Although my two oldest boys head to school everyday, my 2 year old, Jay, is home with me when they are gone. This little blonde haired blue eyed angel keeps me on my toes! He has yet to expand his vocabulary so we spend a lot of our time together reading books, pointing out and naming everyday items, and exploring. One of his favorite things to do is go on adventures outside. He is def a rough and tumble type of boy and could sit and play in the dirt all day if he wanted. If I did not interrupt his play to give him a meal he would end up surviving on green garden tomatoes, dirt, and a sip off of the hose.

Balancing and juggling my work, blog, and taking care of Jay while my other boys are at school and my hubby is at work can be very challenging, but I would not have it any other way. I was able to enroll Jay into a preschool one day a week, which has helped. And although I could technically enroll him full time, I choose not to at this time. I love being his one and only during the day. Waking up to his smile, cleaning up his messes, giggling with him about the mess he has made fills my heart with so much warmth. There is no way I would trade it for anything… even a completed website.

So for now, as my baby is becoming a child, I will continue to juggle the workload with caring for him. As far as the incomplete website is concerned, it will not be that way for long. Now you know when you come across a page with missing information, I am probably being hands on with my growing family or finishing up valued work for a client. Please feel free to reach out to me if you are searching for something that you do not find on my site. My hands are never too full to help you grow your biz… they just might be too full to finish my blog!