It is hard to believe that today is the last day of November. Thanksgiving has come and gone…. leftovers are still lingering in the fridge and the Christmas decorations are starting to emerge from the dusty boxes from the garage. Time goes by so fast! Feels like the year just started and here we are decking the halls. It flies by so quickly because we are all in a constant state of being busy.

Having 3 boys, a business to run, 2 dogs, and a home to take care of makes for some crazy days, weeks, months, and years. To handle it all I have had to learn to slow down and soak up the moment. There are times throughout the day that call upon you to stop, take a mental break, soak up your surroundings and enjoy your life. You do not need to plan for these moments. You just need to make the time, whenever you see fit. Stop to smell the flowers while you grocery shop, pull your car over when you see something beautiful and snap a picture, give your dog a pet, or stop to snuggle one of your kiddos. There are an endless amounts of moments in a day. The only thing from stopping you is the constant busy state you live in everyday. It is time to stop living in the busy, and it is time to start living your life. Laugh, make memories, share stories with your loved ones. Let those small things that make you smile, be more present, everyday. Just as in the photo above, even though Santa has a million things to do, he can stop and gaze at the stars for a moment.

As I sit here and write this post, my puppy, Trixie, has been nudging me. Trying to get me to pet her. I have given in several times and I think she knows what I am making a priority. The little things. A kiss from my toddler, a short walk around the block, making a cup of hot chocolate for your kids when they come in from the cold. Soaking up their expression for the comfort of warmth. Sometimes these moments are just spent sitting on my couch. Living in that moment instead of forcing the next event to come even faster. Stop and pay attention to the little things that are happening around you right this moment.

This topic reminds me of the story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Spoiler Alert Ahead (but I am sure you already know the ending of this tale) The Grinch learns that happiness and joy have been in front of him the entire time, just waiting for him to enjoy those moments. This is where I am learning how to really enjoy the Holidays. By watching the Christmas lights shine, watching the joy on my son’s face when he puts on Santa’s hat, baking cookies, and snuggling up under my blanket on a cold evening. Pop some popcorn and make popcorn garlands for the Christmas tree. These do not need to be huge events that require planning and an abundance of money, just moments you learn to cherish and enjoy. We have to make the old statement, stop and smell the roses, relevant in our lives to truly enjoy what we have in front of us.

How do you really enjoy the Holidays without all of stress?