Today, my husband and I are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary.

14th Wedding Anniversary

It has turned into a wonderful day. Even though it landed on a Wednesday, we both decided to take the day off from work, and just spend the time together at home…. while the kids were at school and daycare. Best. Idea. Ever.

With 3 boys, 2 dogs, and 2 careers our lives get busy. Our sitters flake, someone gets sick, work calls, and our date nights never seem to work out. It is always such a disappointment. Followed quickly by stress and even anger. The reason we have children, a home, our pets, and careers is because we made a commitment to live our lives together. Our love is so strong, that we could not stand to be apart. What is the point of working so hard to be together if we never get our time together? Having that personal connection without the worry of responsibility is essential to a long lasting marriage. I do not know why we have not done this sooner.

I have asked, even begged at times, for my husband to skip work and stay home with me. But I would end up losing that battle rather quickly to all of the tasks he had to complete for the day. It made me super sad, downright disappointed. But the bills did need to get paid, there was work to do, so we continued on with the plan to work.

A few weeks ago we started talking about our upcoming 14th wedding anniversary. My hubby immediately pipes up and says, do not buy me anything for our anniversary. No presents. I thought, really? Why, why not celebrate our marriage, our commitment, OUR LOVE for each other. Before I exploded I told him gently, why? I love you and I want to celebrate our anniversary. I want to buy you a gift. I want to toast us. I want to spend time with YOU and only you. And with that, a few days later he came home from work and told me he scheduled the day off and he wanted me to do the same. So I did… and the oldest boys went to school, our youngest went to daycare.

Right after we dropped Jay off at daycare we went and got a cup of coffee to go and stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things for the day. Something for breakfast, lunch, and also some things for an easy dinner that night. We got home to an empty house that was also quiet. And it was only 9 am. We still had until well after 3 to spend together, alone, with no kids. On our 14th wedding anniversary. It was the best anniversary gift I have every received. We promised each other that this is how we would handle our date night shortfalls for the meantime. I could not think of  a better solution.

How do you make sure you get quality time in with your loved one?